Top 5 Travel Bucket List Ideas

Okay, so just about everywhere is on my list. Instead of the typical just listing every place I want to travel to, I thought I would list my top 5 (which wasn’t easy) and then describe the one thing that I at least want to do in each country. A few years ago I received the, My Bucketlist book and it is the best thing ever. The book has travel quotes, a place where you can list about 100 places of where you want to go, a space to include a photo, and has a section where they have questions for you to answer before and after you complete your bucket list item.

The Canadian (Toronto-Vancouver train)
  1. The Canadian which takes you from Toronto to Vancouver and obviously takes place in Canada.
    I don’t remember how I found out about it, but once I did I was hooked. It’s 4 nights and 3 days and you can sleep on it! My favorite part has to be the views that you will be taking in.

2. Icehotel in Sweden
All I know is that everything is made of ice and that was enough to sell me. They offer guided tours, a warm and cold room, and an overnight wilderness excursion. There’s a restaurant and lounge right on the property and to be honest it just seems so cool.

Giraffe Manor

3. Giraffe Manor in Kenya
So giraffe’s are one of my favorite animals and the fact that they walk around freely and you can feed them already sold me. You can stay on the property and they have guided tours around the sanctuary.

Humpback Swims

4. Swimming with Humpback Whales in Tonga
I originally saw this on YouTube a few months from The BucketList Family. I didn’t even know swimming with whales like this was a thing, but once I saw their video I immediately had to write it in my book. My plan is to probably go in 2021 as a 30th birthday trip to myself because I’m sure it’s going to be quite the pricey trip. From what I read, the best time to go is July through early November.

Yacht Week

5. The Yacht Week in either Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, or BVI.
I heard about it either a few years ago on someone’s blog or on Instagram. Yacht Week just seems to be non-stop partying as you sail across the seas eating, drinking, and forgetting everything by the next morning which is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

What are some items on your bucket list? I would love to know!

One thought on “Top 5 Travel Bucket List Ideas

  1. WOW!! Such a unique and exotic list of places to go ! My list is a bit more ‘vanilla’ as I haven’t traveled out the country much but I really want to go to Paris and Italy, tour India and Southeast Asia, and make some time to go to Bali one day. I hope to see you go to any of these places to celebrate your 30th! Yeet!


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