Sunday’s are for The Gals: USWNT World Cup Edition

As some of you may know, I’m obsessed with soccer. This past Sunday I went to Philly, to join in on a World Cup Final viewing party to watch the United State’s Women’s National Team play. It was hosted by Love City Brewing and Playmakers Studio. The game plan for my sister and I was to drop my dog off at doggy daycare for 8 am. Let’s just say that day started off not going as planned as no one really wanted to get out of bed early as hell on a Sunday. Exhaustion from the days before had really set in and we were thankfully only running 30 minutes behind schedule.

After the penalty!

I always enjoyed my drive in to/near Philly as years ago I use to make the drive religiously for my internship which of course, was soccer based. Since the roads were dead, we ended up arriving earlier than planned so we chilled in the car for a bit, just looking around and people watching as USA fans slowly started walking by. The viewing party started at 10 am since the game was starting at 11 am. They had three food trucks, tables set up with games, bubbles, American flags everywhere, cornhole (which my sister sucks at), and little stalls of people selling soccer related t-shirts/jerseys.

The turnout was more than I was expecting. Soccer in my opinion is one of those sports that is still growing and isn’t as equal as the NFL or NBA yet, but it’s getting there. There were hundreds of fans and it was exciting to see everyone come out to support our US Women’s soccer team. The first half was a little nerve wracking, but US put the game away in the second half with the game ending 2-0.

Celebrating as the US just won their FOURTH STAR!!

Watching the players celebrate their win on social media was the highlight of my day. If any of you are free tomorrow, go out and celebrate with them at the Ticker-Tape Parade down the Canyon of Heroes. It starts at 9:30 am. I went to the their last one in 2015, and it is one of the greatest experiences you’ll ever have. It’s great to see everyone coming together to celebrate. #OneNationOneTeam

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