July Favorites

As the month of July is slowly wrapping up it is a good time to share all my favorites. This month has been SO hot and hectic but here are a few things that came in handy and kept me entertained.

TV Shows

Veronica Mars (Hulu): It’s no surprise that this is one of my favorite shows of all time so, when season 4 was released a whole WEEK early, I binged heavy. Veronica Mars hasn’t aired any episodes since 2007 (though there was a movie in 2016) so to say that I couldn’t wait is a major understatement. I’m not going to spoil it for anyone who plans on watching but if I can say one thing, it did not disappoint. Sometimes when shows pick up after a long time away they lose the magic they once had but this was not the case. It was everything I was hoping and even surprised me at the end. I really hope they make another season.


My music taste expands into a lot of different genres and I think that makes life a little more exciting. These are my recently played songs. I think it’s a good mix of genres for when I want to get lost in the sound. The “sleeep” category is very straight forward and songs I listen to when I can’t get my brain to slow down at night and so that I can close my eyes and relax. I’ll show you a little glimpse but its pretty long and I don’t want to bore you lol.


LANEIGE Moisture Cream: This has been one of the best moisturizers that I’ve tried. I feel like the brand is not very well known yet but more and more products are being found in Sephora. It costs about $36-42 dollars for the large one which is kind of on the cheaper side compared to other brands found in the store. I have extremely dry skin and even during the summer I get little patches of dry skin on my face. I’ve tried countless moisturizers that people rave about but I never found one that worked well for my skin. LANEIGE has changed the game for me and I’m going to try and venture into trying more of their skin products.

Carol’s Daughter, Black Vanilla 4-in-1 combing creme and the leave in conditioner: I have naturally curly hair that has gone through a lot of damage from years of coloring and straightening. Like most people with curly hair, growing up I didn’t feel like my hair was beautiful and I really struggled to embrace how my hair naturally was. As I’ve gotten older, I am trying to be more conscious and try and bring my curls back to life. I go months without straightening especially in this hot weather but whenever I was rocking my curls out I could never find a product to keep them nice and prevent them from frizzing. I was recently talking to someone who told me to try this product and I’m in love! It keeps my curls fresh while not making them that uncomfortable crunchy. I’m going to try their deep conditioning hair mask next!

The month of July has been kind of crazy and the end of the summer is getting closer. Stay tuned for our August favorites next month and if you try some of my favorites feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you enjoyed them as much as I did!

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