Jakelin’s Travel Essentials

Since the last month of summer has officially begun, I know that many of you (including myself) are taking some weekend getaways. When I travel I try my best to stay organized so that I don’t forget anything. Here are a few things you won’t catch me traveling without!

Mine are a little beat up because I’m always using them! But you can find one of these just about anywhere. (Target, Wamart etc.)

Portable charger: When I am away from home I always make sure I take a back up portable charger. On vacation I’m always taking a lot of photos and looking up cool places to visit so, I always make sure I have a charger to quickly charge my phone while it’s in my purse. The ones I have are small and compact and easy to toss in my bag on the way out and ensures that my phone stays charged for any sort of emergency.

Small travel pouches: These pouches are the best for packing my makeup, brushes and any jewelry I want to pack. Packing my things in different pouches keeps all my things organized and it makes it easy for me to grab what I need without rummaging through my whole suitcase. I believe I bought the matching ones in a 3 pouch set but I lost the other one lol. But you can find these just about anywhere (Walmart, Marshalls, Target, etc.)

I just got back from Boston and lost the rubber to one of them (R.I.P) new ones currently on their way tho 🙂

Headphones: This may seem like an obvious choice but headphones are my number one item for any flight I book. I love sitting on the plane with my headphones on and music playing even if it’s just to take a nap. I have big beats headphones but these little ear buds are always my traveling partners. They are small and compact and perfect to slip into my pocket which makes them perfect for on the go. These are Panasonic and super cheap on Amazon but they are literally the best!!! Trust me, you need these.

Toiletries: This should be a given but I always make sure I pack sunscreen, moisturizer and deodorant along with my shampoo, conditioner and tooth paste. Here are a few things I traveled with this time around as you can see I’m currently obsessed with the Laneige line and had a few of there products with me.

Traveling can be stressful if you do not take the right steps to ensure you pack everything you need. Whether it’s a weekend get away or if its a two week adventure, these things should be on the top of your packing list.

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