How I Started Kiwhi Market

It all started July 2016 and how I wanted to find a job that was not only fulfilling, but one that I would enjoy wanting to go to every single day. I’ve never wanted a job that required me to sit at a desk all day and I’ve always had that in the back of my mind which is why I pursued a degree in sports. After sitting in the backyard with family, I started throwing out ideas and the one that really stuck was to eventually have a business of sourcing handmade items from any of my travels.

Over time I didn’t have a particular niche of what exactly I wanted to do with the business, until two years ago (2017) some time when I realized I had a love for home decor. I have this thing with planning and entertaining, and being at home. I’m a homebody and having my home be comfortable and inviting is quite important to me. 

Oh, and how could I forget to explain the meaning behind the name. Kiwhi is a combination of my sister and I’s middle name. It’s pronounced like the fruit, Kiwi and market just worked well with the name so that is how Kiwhi Market was born.

In the future I may share a more behind the scenes of how I’m picking or customizing/designing the products and I’ll probably show different ways of how you can use my products in and around your home. 

If there is anything in particular you would want to see or any burning thoughts that come to mind, just let me know. And as I’m writing this, I need to get back to marketing my business on social media. I’ve taken nearly four months off (yikes!). Trying to market your business by yourself is not easy and one I need to get better organized with. Peak season for gifts is nearly around the corner!

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