College Dorm Room Move In: Packing/Organization

Since my sister is moving in soon to her dorm, I took it upon myself to be in charge of the whole organization for packing. Organizing is one of my favorite things. Before I decided how I was packing anything, I need to see everything that we have first. Below are the steps that I used when packing.

  • First my sister and I spread everything out that was bought. It’s best to see everything that you have so you can decide how you want to organize/group everything.
  • Next step was to then group things by categories then group by how often you would need each item. I then took all the packaging off of everything. It’s just less to deal when when moving into the dorm room. I then started placing them in the containers that we have. We’re using containers for her to store things in at school, but you can pack your things in whatever you plan to transport everything in. We had to adjust what containers were used for what since some didn’t need a big container.
  • For her shower caddy, I made her start putting the things she’ll actually need in it already.
  • My sister doesn’t have everything she needs so on top of some of the containers we listed what was still left to put in each one. It will just make it easier once said item is bought that you know exactly where it needs to be placed.
  • Another tip is to utilize some of the things that you bought. Her garbage bin and laundry hamper are also being used to hold items that she will need for school. It’s best to condense everything. No one wants to be scrambling when they are moving their child in for school. Organization is key!
  • For her letter board, I made her put all the letters/numbers/sayings in a baggie. Taking each thing off is time consuming and one less thing you have to deal with when you want to decorate once you arrive at school.
  • I also made her wash all her towels and sheets so again, one less thing to do.
One container has her sheets and towels in it, with some random kitchen utensils so it will be easy to grab once arriving. Another container has cleaning products for the kitchen and bathroom in it. The last container we have has duplicates of things she’ll need/things she won’t need all the time like deodorant, shower gel, cotton balls, medicine, razors, and etc.
  • The day before she moves in, we plan to wash the brita filter that way when she gets to school we can start filling it with water and place it right in the fridge.
  • She packed all school related items in a backpack along with the pens/pencils and other random things she’ll need for writing.
  • All her clothes for school will be packed between her suitcase and one of those large recyclable bags.
The hamper bin has her plant, posters, blanket, pillow, garbage bag, swiffer wet sheets, desk decor, and hangers. Inside the poster container also has command strips in it and inside the garbage bin has a mini clock with spare batteries inside!

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