Jakelin’s August Favorites

As this month comes to an end I feel like I can finally catch my breath because this month has been a whirlwind of planning and organizing events for me because of vacations and my sisters bachelorette. Here are some of my favorite things from this month!


The happy planner: my planner has been crucial this month and I’m loving it a little extra for it. This brand is by far my favorite and they always have the cutest designs. They have all different sizes but I prefer the smaller one not because they’re quick a rn easy to pop in my purse and go.


Criminal Podcast: I have always love murder mystery podcast and when I was still working my old job, I would stay up to day with all my favorites. This month I remembered how much I loved this podcast and decided to take the time to catch up and it surely didn’t disappoint! Phoebe Judge has such a soothing voice, I can listen to her all day! This was my favorite to listen to while frosting cakes this month!


Quinoa with kale: All month I’ve been going to Aldi and getting this quinoa because it is SO good. I like to make the whole bag then save half and I cut up a tomato with some onion and put some lime and salt (bomb). It has been my go-to dinner all month because its quick, easy and delicious.


Cookie creators on Instagram: I’ve always been a big cake person but this whole month I have had an obsession with sugar cookie decorating. I’ve been following many amazing cookie decorators on Instagram and here are some of my favorites. Their talent is undeniable and their content has gotten me wanting to dedicate a whole month to just improving my cookie skills .

Give all my favorites a try and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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