College Dorm Room Theme: After

Over Labor Day Weekend, my family and I moved my sister into school. Thankfully with how everything was packed, it only took us about an hour and a half to set everything up, from her bathroom to her dorm room. The most time consuming part was putting the prints on the wall and trying to make sure they were positioned on the wall where my sister wanted them.

Below are the before and afters of her room.

Eventually when I go back, I plan to straighten out two of the prints. They are a little off and you can’t really tell in person unless you’re looking right at it. I would’ve fixed it that same day, but my arms were already sore. I also think we need to add one more print to the wall.

I also plan to fix the beaded photo holder. It was hard trying to line up the hooks and it needs to be a little further apart so the string and be a tad tighter.

I don’t know why these little details bother me as much as they do lol

We used a mug to hold her pens and those types of things in, she added words to her board, and we used a mini wood plant holder to hold her paper clips and binder clips in. Hopefully I’ll have an updated photo by the time this post goes up (I’ve been nagging her for over a week now).

Happy Tuesday!! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week.

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