How I feel about going back to school and starting over..

Okay, so I’m not technically “starting over”, I’m being a bit dramatic but in a way… I sort of am. I got my bachelors degree in biology and I absolutely love biology but, (and there’s a huge but) I didn’t love everything my major required. I loved taking biology courses even the ones I thought I would hate like “Biology of the seed plant” sounds dreadful right? It turned out to be my favorite class in my whole college career. But, I didn’t love all the chemistry courses, especially the notorious organics. This put a strain on my love for my major and started making me doubt a plan that I had set fourth for myself for as long as I could remember.

This is where the story takes a tumble and kind of where my new story begins. I was lost and if I’m being honest, I just didn’t know what I wanted to do. All my life I thought I wanted to be a doctor and it wasn’t until my second or third year of college where I really started to question it. Did I actually want to become a doctor? or was that just something that I thought others wanted for me? This became quite tricky, especially because I thought I wanted to be a doctor since I was like 10 (like every other kid). It was at this time that a lot of my friends that were on the same path as me decided to change majors because they felt they couldn’t cut it. Their decision surely seemed appealing to me but I felt that I had worked so hard to get this far and my love for biology is undeniable. If I had gotten this deep into it then I was going to finish, no matter what it took. And I did.

After I finished college I found myself in a position where many of us have been. Feeling like I was “stuck” in a cycle, I quit my retail job on a whim and found a job where my brain wasn’t going to waste. Once I really set my sights on nursing it was as if my whole world fell into place. So my main piece of advice for anyone feeling like they are lost is release yourself from all the pressure because the moment you find peace will be the moment where you find your passion. If it takes a couple years, that is okay too. No one has a set guide at what gives life purpose. You will find your path and once you do you’ll look back at all the tears and years of stress and think “wow” because every struggle led you to your passion. Ok, bleh. I hate sounding like a hallmark card but I’m just being honest! Sometimes you need that someone to just let you know that it’ll all be okay. I’m proof that what I say is true, just follow your heart and your passion will follow.

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