Jakelin’s September Favorites

It’s officially the best time of year and I can not wait until I can bust out my boots and scarves. Now that the leaves have begun to change I can finally get all my fall décor from the attic and decorate around my house. September was all about getting adjusted to my new school year routine and burying my head in my textbooks but, here are a few things that kept me sane and helped get me through this month.


Scrubbing in with Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad: Sometimes when I’m in the mood to just listen and laugh I pull up episodes from this podcast. They make you feel like you’re just another one of their girlfriends and it’s honestly so funny to hear about their dating lives. They are also obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy which is +10 pts on my likeness scale. If you ever just need something light hearted they are so worth the shot, I usually put them on while I’m getting ready for class.


11pm: Maluma and La Canción: J Balvin and Bad Bunny : These two songs have been on repeat on my phone all. month. longggggg. They are both soo good and lately I’ve been listening to more spanish music. Even if you don’t understand them they’ll both get you moving!


Carol’s Daughter shampoo and conditioner: I’ve been trying to let my curls thrive it’s just so hard sometimes. I was lucky enough to find both the shampoo and conditioner at Marshall’s and I just had to buy them and give it a try. So far I love how my hair has been feeling so hopefully it’ll encourage me to stay consistent with wearing my hair curly.

I know my monthly favorites are looking a bit bare but I promise I’ll try and get some good ones in for the month of October! I’ll be back soon!

4 thoughts on “Jakelin’s September Favorites

  1. I’m a huge fan of Carol’s Daughter, and also Shea Moisture, since they’re natural free of silicones and parabens that can hurt your curl’s growth and shine. Welcome back to the curly club!


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