Dating In Your Late Twenties

In early June I decided to join some dating apps to hopefully find someone because being the type of person that doesn’t like to go out all the time, it’s harder to meet someone. Little did I know how entertaining and insane these next few months would have been for me. I’ll share one of my dating stories below. We’ll see how open I end up getting over time because some of them are real CRAZY!!

We’ll start off with someone who I will refer to as “Gag Guy” who is 30. Days leading up to the date we talked every day and our first date was hiking. Oh, and he asked if I could send him a photo of myself just to make sure that it was actually me he was talking to. I then asked if he could send one back because WTF, I’m not going to send you one, if you don’t send one back to me. Before sending the photo, he was telling me how his last girlfriend was very controlling and for me to just think of Handmaid’s Tail. Never watched the show, but heard some crazy things about it. The day before the date he mentioned how big my boobs were and asked if I could wear a turtleneck LMFAO so he would be able to focus. I didn’t think anything of it and was just whatever about the situation. I asked if it was okay if I brought my dog and he was fine with it.

Date day came and we hugged when we first met. We did I think the easiest of the hikes. We talked about our jobs, what we both wanted in a significant other, long term goals, and so far, no complaints. Since everything was going good, we decided to go check out the lake, so we hopped into my car and drove like 2 minutes around the corner. He talked about how he’s not into flying (I love traveling) so that was already issue #1 with him. We then people watched for a bit before we headed back to drop him off by his car. As we parked, he asked if he could show me something so we went to his car. We’re in the back seat of his car and he pulls out his backpack. Upon opening the backpack, he pulls out tape (not just your average tape either), the gag object, and something else. HE THEN asked, would you like to try it on. I said would I like to try WHAT ON?!? My face must have said it all, because I quickly said no, and he quickly packed his shit up. We never spoke again after that.

I didn’t think trying to date in your late twenties would be this hard in 2019. This day and age most people aren’t in a rush to settle down, let alone, get married and start a family. After that date, I have been more selective on who I go out on dates with and so far so good. Do you of you have any crazy/horror dating stories? I would love to know!

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