Knox’s 1st Birthday!

This past Sunday we celebrated my little guy turning O N E ! He’s been through a lot in his little short year of life. During the later years, of my last dog’s life, Snuggles, my sister and I always did a little birthday celebration/photo shoot just to commemorate the day. After Snuggles passed away, I knew whenever I got another dog, I would start the tradition all over again. I enjoy looking back at the photos and I wish I had done it sooner and not the last two birthdays I had gotten to celebrate with him.

Knox’s day started off with lots of cuddles and rubs. He tried on some of his outfits and the little photo shoot began! After that was all over, he played around with my dad for a bit and took a tap.

As for the gifts, you can’t have a birthday without gifts!

A few hours later, the birthday festivities started! We first stopped at HomeGoods so he can pick out some toys. Zero toys caught his eye, but I did pick him out a much needed sweater. After the little shopping trip, he got treated to one of his favorites, french fries. Despite him being tired, he pepped right up the minute he smelt it.

Our next journey was whether to go to Sandy Hook or the dog park. After talking with my sister, we opted for the beach. The weather was nice and he could always go to the dog park, but not the beach and it would be his first time. Once we made it to Sandy Hook, we first tried to find the lighthouse, but never found it. We did find a road sign that said ‘Knox Road’ so we obviously had to stop and have Knox take a photo with it.

After that, we made it to the beach. He was a little worried once he touched the sand for the first time. He had his little toes are spread out and was sniffing/sucking it up. The sound of the waves crashing scared him a bit and my sister was determined to make him touch the water. Once she forced him, he was traumatized the rest of the time. We then walked to the bay side, and lasted three minutes before we turned out and headed back to the car.

I wiped him down, he sniffed the salty air a few times out of the window and slept the rest of the car ride home.

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