Gift Guide For Animal Lovers

Happy Wednesday!! Being a proud dog mom, this gift guide is for the people that love their four legged friends. Let’s be real, the gifts will be mainly for the pets, but some gifts are for the pet owners.

  1. Fur Baby Necklace, Made by Mary
  2. Custom Dog Pillow, Life Like Pillows
  3. The Millennial Floral or The Dinomite Delight, Lucy & Co
  4. Cat Dad Shirt, Shredmycouch
  5. Hand Painted Pet Portrait Ornament, Jenny Turner Studio
  6. Owl Cat House, Anthropologie
  7. Dixon Dog Collar Charm, Anthropologie
  8. Cat Rose Gold Plated Earrings, Monty Jewelry
  9. PetSafe Zoom Automatic Laser Cat Toy, Urban Outfitters
  10. BARK Bounce Dog Park Tote Bag, Urban Outfitters
  11. Stay at home dog mom shirt, PrintAndArrow
  12. Catnip Grow Kit, Urban Outfitters

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