Arianna’s November Favorites!

Ahh, another month has nearly gone by and Thanksgiving is just two days away! This month not much spending has happened, actually who am I kiding, it was mainly spent on Christmas ornaments and dog toys since Knox loves to dismantle all the squeakers in his toys. LOL
I decided to switch up my tree a bit this year since I’m having a little girls pajama night at my house so a little more effort is going into decorating. This past weekend Christmas decorating has started. So far the banisters got completed and one of the small trees got fully decorated. The main tree won’t go up until Thanksgiving or the day after. With Thanksgiving being a little later this year, we got scammed out of enjoying the decorations for an extra week!


  • Doctor Sleep: Honestly it was a lot better than I was expecting and it isn’t scary at all. The only downside was the ending, but I think it’s a must see


  • Disney+: The fact that I can watch shows/movies that I grew up on is bringing on the nostalgia back. Lizzie McGuire, Boy Meets World, Even Stevens, and Smart House


My music taste was all over the place this month, but definitely give yourself a listen to some of my options below.


I’m sure you all care to see some of the ornaments that I’ve purchased this month.

What are some of your plans for Thanksgivng?

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