Bryant Park + Schmackary’s

This past weekend my sister and I went to the city aka New York City for the day. We left a little later than planned since we had to try and get some Christmas card photos done which was a struggle.

First stop was Bryant Park. I was more looking forward to eating the food and possibly going ice skating.

These candles smelt AMAZING! You can smell the whole shop from the outside which was enticing many people to go inside. It was hard to smell everything since people were everywhere, but I definitely need to go back and get myself something. Nothing was overpowering smell wise, and it just smelt clean and fresh.

I’m actually drawing a blank on the name of this shop, but I remember seeing all of their pouches on social media. They just have some of the cutest sayings on their bags.

Ohh man, I’m already missing these mozzarella sticks from Big Mozz. It was just as good as it looks and it was definitely worth the long wait in line. There was also this Belgian Waffle place next door that I was so TEMPTED to get.

We waited in another long line to try Sigmund’s Pretzels. We tried the churro one and it tasted good, but I wish it was warm. I’ll have to try it again to get an actual opinion on it. Okay so there was this place called Home Frites two buildings down and I had been eyeing that place down for months because I was never able to get to Smorgasburg this year to try it. WELL, once I got close to it, I heard sorry guys, we have to close for twenty minutes. Internally I was like NOOOOOOOOOO, but I’m assuming they ran out of potatoes.

After a little bit of walking around, and eating some food, my sister and I were ready for dessert and tried to find somewhere close by to get it from. It was between Baked by Melissa or Schmackery’s so we opted for the latter. We tried the classic chocolate chip and funfetti cookie. I thought they were good, but my heart for cookies still belongs to City Cakes. If you’re ever in NYC, try it. They sell 2 pound cookies. After the dessert, we headed home.

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