21 Thoughts we had while watching A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

We all love a good Christmas movie to cuddle up to. A Christmas Prince was such a cute film that there was actual excitement for the trilogy. We decided to watch and write a few of our thoughts while watching the movie. We’re here to tell you our honest opinions and let you know if this is a cute cheesy Christmas movie or if it just didn’t make the cut. We want to save you the trouble from watching and let you know if it is really worth the time. I hope it’s cute! Here we go..

1. It’s been a while so the recap is much needed and appreciated lol
2.I love that they made the actress look more grown up with her hair and style.
3.LOL cringe, to them riding around on bikes waving to the people.
4.The Christmas decor is on 100 and I am here for it!! I’m so in love
5.Go ahead with that Game of Thrones reference
6.Her friend with Simon…yuck. lol
7.Aw the scene with her dad in his diner I am in love with the frost on the windows. SO cute!
8.LOL me with the donuts
9. Those slippers look like they were stiff af lol not comfortable at all
10. This is giving me CLUE vibes once the treaty was stolen lol
11. Her baby shower decor is stunning
12.How did people get gifts in time for a baby shower that they literally got invites for hours before???????????? lmao I have so many questions
13.I am about half way through and I think Lin stole it lmao idk why but she’s giving me thief vibes
14. Simon was def hiding an engagement ring when Melissa caught him.
15.Wow the princess sharing a kiss with her BF on the ice skating rink how adorable
16.Omg when the Dr. crashed into a snow bank lmao
17. If the dungeon was haunted why didn’t they put something by the gate to hold it open??????
18. HOW does she manage to stand up and solve this whole case in the middle of labor??? lmao on what planet
19. Wow, I was right about Simon lol how predictable
20. How did she not break a sweat during labor!? Also, they didn’t even show her pushing lol
21. AW I love that her dad made it at the end.

EH. The plot was a bit boring. My favorite thing was the decor throughout the movie. Definitely wasn’t as good as the previous two. I wish they could of given us more. Tell us in the comments what you thought of it if you already watched it, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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