Our Favorite Christmas Time Memory

Merry Christmas!!


My favorite Christmas memory goes all the way back to 2004. We were driving down to North Carolina to visit my aunt and cousin. As we got into her house I saw she had gotten another dog. At this point, she had THREE DOGS! Cue my face looking real pissed. I had wanted a dog for the longest time so the fact that she had gotten ANOTHER dog and I couldn’t even get ONE did not sit well with me. Mind you I think I was 13 at the time.
After a few hours had passed by, my parents told me to go upstairs with them. They sat me down and told me that Jack, the 6 pound, deer looking chihuahua, was ALL MINE! I wish my parents had captured my reaction when they told me, but I’m sure I had the biggest smile on my face!

His original name was Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk because he was the biggest in his litter. I then changed his name to Snuggles I think because the Snuggle bear fabric softener commercial was stuck in my head at the time and that’s the name that came out of my mouth. HAHA The first time I tried to pet him, he bit me and I knew from then we would be the best of friends.

When I walked back downstairs, my aunt had already bought a few things for him since we were going in blind with everything since we had never owned a dog before. The following day we drove back home, he peed on me, pooped the first time he got into the house, and I never looked back since.
He was/is by far the greatest Christmas present I have ever received.


My favorite Christmas memory is from 2014 and it was the last Christmas I got to spend with my abuelito. I didn’t know it then, but that was and will always be my favorite Christmas memory.

That Christmas my entire family made an effort to make the holidays special for him since time was limited and nothing was guaranteed. We all came together as a unit as we had in the past, many looked past their differences with each other and we all made it happen. There was food, family and music and it was perfect. My family had set up for a pair to come sing my abuelitos favorite rancheras, his favorite genre of music. My abuelito was so incredibly special to me and even though he was tired he still got up to dance with me. He is the foundation of my family and he will always be incredibly loved and missed.

Captured in a photo, this shows the best memory I have.

We hope you all enjoy spending time with family + friends + loved ones and we will be back in the New Year with new posts!

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