Weekend Recap: Knicks Game, Lazy Day, + Dog Park

Last weekend was a fun and busy one. I’m going to need a spa day soon because I forgot what it’s like to have a lazy, do nothing, kind of weekend.

Friday: January 24

My weekend started at 3 since I left work early. I rushed home, walked Knox, showered, and back out the door I went to make the train. Of course it would be my luck, that the train was running nearly 15 minutes behind schedule.
Once arriving in the city, I met up with C and we walked over to Friedman’s before the game. We started with the Korean chicken wings. They were sweet and probably had one of the best flavors I ever had. I need the recipe!! Honestly wish I had gotten a photo of it, but best believe I will be back to get it.
After finishing our actual meals, we then took our time and made our way over to Madison Square Garden. It was Star Wars themed night so they had people dressed up as different characters. They had a Yoda shirt available, so even though neither C or I like Star Wars, he wanted us to get matching shirts. Now, if it was baby Yoda, which they should have done, I’m sure the shirts would have sold out quickly.

It was actually a pretty close game and I was surrounded by Raptors fans, so I’m sure some of you know what I had to deal with. After the game was over, we both made our way back to the Penn. Station only to find out the train was delayed with no estimated time frame.

Saturday: January 25

Once waking up, I took Knox out, I made both of breakfast, relaxed for a bit, then made my way to the gym with my sister. The weather was ugly with non stop rain so it honestly took everything in me to have the energy to make it to the gym.
After getting back from the gym, nothing too eventful happened. Eventually I made my out of the house with Knox and my sister. First stop was HomeGoods to look for Valentine’s Day and birthday cards and neither one of those were acquired. Next stop was to get Chinese food that my sister had been wanting for a few days so we got that along with cupcakes for dessert. ACME is one of my favorite places to get cupcakes. After eating, we watched Second Act which stars Jennifer Lopez in it. I thought it was an alright movie, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it again.

Sunday: January 26

Sunday morning was pretty chill. I made my mom and I some breakfast and I mainly just tried to relax before I met up with my friend for lunch.
After lunch, I stopped back at my house to pick Knox and my sister up so we can go to the dog park. There was only one other dog at the park when we arrived, and Knox took it upon himself to chase after the dog. Thankfully he was able to get some of his energy out and eventually another dog arrived.

We lasted an hour until I froze, and then we went home and I made some banana bread. I was originally planning on taking cute photos of said banana bread, but by the time it finished, it was dark out so there went that idea.
The rest of my Sunday was spent lounging, reading up on the unfortunate news about Kobe, and watching The Grammy’s.

Do you like to spend your weekends being busy, doing nothing, or a mixture of both?

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