Arianna’s February To Do List

Okay, let’s recap and see what I actually accomplished in January.

Getting off the phone by 10 pm

Okay, didn’t realize how much of a struggle this was going to be. Only because sometimes I’m still texting/talking on the phone with friends that I don’t see that often so around this time, I would still be talking with them

Exercise 3x a week

I was able to complete this one. It was definitely a struggle to get my ass to the gym, but on days when I wasn’t at the gym, I would take my dog on long walks so it balanced out

Meal prep for two weeks

This is a work in progress. On the days when I didn’t have home cooked food, I would eat a lean cuisine so I guess it was 90% completed

Book Florida flight

This one unfortunately didn’t happen because damn, January was a very expensive month for me. I’m still also trying to figure out the best time to go with coordinating with my friends schedule and when there are inexpensive flights

Go snowtubing

It just didn’t happen at all so we’re going to roll this one on over to February.

1. Cutting off apple music: Okay, so I need to put myself on a serious budget. I know this is only $10 a month, but I can switch to Spotify and not have to pay for 3 months so in the end financially, this is a better option

2. Prepare for March birthdays: I don’t know how March became such a busy month for birthdays for me, but I need to figure out gifts, get cards, wrapping paper, decorations, and all that stuff figured out

3. Set a weekly budget: Not that I spend crazy anyways, but there’s a few things that I want to do within the next year or two, and if I want to accomplish those things, I need to start saving my money. I’m still trying to figure out the amount

4. Post 3x a week on KM: One of my goals for 2020 is working harder for my side business and all of January, I didn’t post anything. I really need to kick things into gear, so I’m going to really try to post 3x week

5. File taxes: The joys of being an adult and having to file your taxes. I plan to get that done this month

What are some things on your to do list?

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