Easy DIY Valentine’s Day gift Idea

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! What a time to be alive and surrounded by love. I know some people hate the mushiness of this day but I thrive. Love is such an infectious disease lol. When you’re in love, you start to glow and I love Valentine’s Day because everyone seems so happy. Me and my BF don’t usually do anything crazy but I always make him cookies and gift them to him in a festive container (since you know the way to a mans heart is through his stomach && my man loves cookies LOL). Many of you are like me and you don’t want to spend too much time stressing about a gift so here is a quick little DIY gift you can make any of your loved ones to show them how much you care.

You really can’t think of Valentine’s Day without thinking of chocolate covered strawberries. So, today I’ll be showing you guys how I make a chocolate covered strawberry bouquet that you can gift to anyone! It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s delicious.

You’ll need:
-At least one container of strawberries
– Skewers
-Gift tissue paper (any desired color)
-Chocolate (this can be semi-sweet, milk, or white whichever you like or even all!!) ***If you don’t usually work with chocolate I recommend getting candy melts or melting wafers as they are easier to work with since chocolate can be a little tricky to get the right consistency**
-Rubber band
-Optional: Zip lock bags
-Optional: Food Coloring and Sprinkles (if you want to add some personal touches)

You’ll want to rinse your strawberries and make sure you pat them drive really well! You do not and I repeat, DO NOT want to leave any water on your strawberries. Water and chocolate do not mix well and any droplets will cause the chocolate to seize which you do not want.

I would keep the stems on and proceed to add a skewer to each strawberry going in from the stem. Don’t push too hard or it’ll come flying out your strawberry lol (hazard). Once you’re finished put them on a cookie sheet and set aside. Next we’ll melt the chocolate.

Grab a heat proof bowl and place your chocolate in. You may need to make more depending on how many strawberries you’ll be dipping so just keep that in mind. I put it in the microwave for 30 second intervals stirring with a spoon in between until its ready. Be sure to take the time to stir because you don’t want to burn your chocolate (it’s much easier to do than you think lol)

Once your chocolate is all melted, proceed by dipping your strawberries in and letting the excess chocolate fall back into the bowl. If you are adding sprinkles this is the time you will want to do it so that the sprinkles adhere to the chocolate as it dries. Place your strawberries (skewer side down) into a tall cup or vase if you have one on hand just so that they dry without any flat sides. * If you want to add a drizzle melt more chocolate and add it into a zip lock bag. Cut a corner (tiny) and proceed to drizzle the chocolate on as many strawberries as you’d like.

This is me mid drizzle lol nothing fancy. I just placed a piece of parchment underneath to catch the mess.

When all your strawberries are complete pop them in the fridge and let them cool for at least 10 minutes. Go grab your gift tissue paper and lay out 2 sheets on a table. Once the time is up bring your strawberries out and arrange them in a way you like and proceed to wrap the tissue paper around like a bouquet. Once all wrapped grab a rubber band and wrap around the bottom end. If you want to cover the rubber band just add a little ribbon to hide it.

& that’s it! Just like that you made a gift you can give anyone and it’s almost guaranteed they will love it.

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