What I Spend In A Week

I’ve been seeing these float around all throughout YouTube, so I thought I would join in and see how much I spend in a week. I’m a little nervous because I really should be on a budget and not wasting money so I will see how this goes.


  • Shockingly, I didn’t spend any money this day


  • ShopRite: $11.64 so I wanted Chinese food for dinner and a cupcake. The chinese food was overpriced, so never again and the cupcake was gross and that was thrown in the garbage. Basically, my money went right down the drain
  • DSW: $49.99 for new slip on sneakers for work. My feet are much happier
  • PetSmart: $26.66 for Knox’s day camp
  • Squarespace: $30 (Kiwhi Market website hosting)

    Total: $118.29


  • Stop&Shop: $0.69 for a donut
  • Panera Bread: $40.23

    Total: $40.92


  • Target: $19.03 (needed a few things)
  • Gas: $23.24
  • QuickChek: $6.78 (when starvation kicked in and I wanted to let my sister try the addicting Hershey’s kisses cookie that they sell

    Total: $49.05


  • Parking: $5 at train station
  • Train ticket: $26.50
  • Tip: $10 for lunch with C

    Total: $41.50


  • Museum of Ice Cream tickets: $142.50 for 3 tickets

    Total: $142.50


  • THANKFULLY, I did not spend a damn dime, but it was a close one

Okay, so the grand total that I spent for the week is (nervously calculates)


Y I K E S ! The positive is some of these purchases I don’t make weekly, which is a good thing, but damn that is still a decent amount for a week. Knox’s day camp, gas, and the train ticket/parking are all necessities at the moment. I still need to work on not wasting unnecessary money on food. Seeing the actual calculation is an eye opener and I think writing down my spending or taking out cash every week will DEFINITELY help me to be better.

Do any of you keep a strict budget on how much you spend each week?

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