Planning A DIY Bridal Shower

My sister who is a few years older than me is getting married (super exciting) & with that being said I was officially promoted from sister to maid of honor. Now, let me tell you, I had no idea how much work goes into planning a bridal shower/wedding. My sister is very particular about what she likes so she was heavily involved with the planning of her bridal shower but ultimately the flow of the day, the games and the entire dessert table was up to me. Here is how the week before the bridal shower went for me.

Monday: For weeks I was on a search for cute little “add-ons” and since we were nearing Valentine’s day Target came in and saved the day. I found these 3 pack wooden hearts that had little slits in them for putting labels or pictures. They were too cute to not buy so I decided that I would paint them white and even though I wasn’t certain on how we would use them, I figured they would still be really cute.

Lollll This is honestly how my fingers were looking by the time I finished

Tuesday: When you’re planning anything DIY all the little details make a world of a difference. I really wanted the details to be perfect when it came to the cookies on the dessert table so I made sure I added a lot of love to them.

Wednesday: For the games we ended up getting templates and then printing them but this required (lucky) me to cut them all lol. It took me a good 2 hours to cut them all evenly and get them organized.

Thursday: I took this day to organize all the game prizes for the winners. One of my cousins was kind enough to donate a whole bunch of makeup which was perfect because I was able to make the majority of the smaller gifts with them. I also bought a few mugs, wash cloths and ordered honey sticks so that I could make these cute mug prizes. Besides the desserts, these were the cutest and one of my favorite things that I made.

Friday: By this day I was going a little crazy finishing/packing up all my baked goods. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of them while they were still in my fridge. Also, this day was filled with a lot of making sure everything was set and a lot of balloon blowing. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures since I was losing my mind a little bit by this time lol.

Saturday: This was the big day we had spent months preparing for. Luckily everything was done because me, my parents and brother needed to be out the door by 11AM to set everything up. I woke up around 8:30 and I got up brushed my teeth and automatically started doing my hair which was exactly why I showered right before bed the night before. As soon as I was done I made sure all my desserts were packed away in storage containers and made sure they were secure for the trip in the car. I boxed up the cakes and then handed it all off to my brother and my dad who were hard at work piling in the car with desserts, gift favors, balloons, the backdrop and all sorts of other knick knacks. I quickly finished my makeup and got dressed and by the time I was done I slipped on some boots, packed my heels and headed out the door. As for setting up it all went pretty smoothly, I come from a big family so a lot of my cousins were kind enough to volunteer their time and help us finish everything up. We brought our own speaker to the venue so that we could have some music playing in the background (we decided on the bruno mars playlist lol). Once everything was ready and people started piling in it was officially party time. Everything went great and everyone was having a good time. All my desserts were gone and I had thought I had made way too many but it turned out to be perfect. Unfortunately, my cakes didn’t make it because one of the servers dropped both of them on the ground LOL. It hurt my soul a little because I know how hard I worked on them and how much time I spent on them but the party was so nice that it honestly didn’t matter. I felt more bad that he felt embarrassed and that he had fallen along with the cakes. At the end of the day, cake is just cake and I could make a million more anytime so it really wasn’t worth making a fuss about (see the last photo in this thread to get a glimpse of the smashed cakes LOL).

Ultimately, everything was beautiful and people really enjoyed themselves. We saved a lot of money doing things ourselves so it can definitely be done if you try. We are super lucky to have so many people in our lives willing to help execute our visions lol. I know this was long but if you made it here thanks for reading & enjoy the pictures!

The only photo I have of my dessert table, I wish I had one closer to show you guys 😦
A close of up of the kisses guessing game
The decor and the set up of the tables were so cute and exactly what we had invisioned
The Advice box table (I ended up putting the little hearts I painted around as decor)
3 cute little tables that had the advice box, kisses guessing game and then one with all the prizes
LOL. SO Tragic. THis is the only picture I have from after the cakes were slammed on the ground. I had scooped them up and just put them up there because I didn’t know where else to put them (face palm).

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