Arianna’s February Favorites

And just like that, we are nearly another month down. February seemed like such a blur for me and the month went by extremely fast. My favorites will probably be bleak this month as I haven’t really bought anything, but below are the little bits that I loved in February.


  • Love is Blind(Netflix): So I am completely hooked on this show. It’s about people trying to find love, but they have to base their feelings for one another solely on just communication. They talk to each other through these pods and I find it so odd and fascinating. I’m already counting down the days until Thursday so I know which couples actually went through with getting married


Is there any music that I should be checking out?



  • Zia Maria with C. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am quite the picky eater. Well, I tried eggplant rollatini and I loved it. Still trying to get the hang of the ol’ eating vegetables thing
  • Feeding the squirrels in New York haha It was just fascinating throwing them a few peanuts and watching them eat it. Just look at its wittle hands
  • Going to the Museum of Ice Cream with C and my sister
  • My most treasured favorite moment was receiving this little Valentine’s Day card from Knox’s day camp. I mean, just look at that face


  • Lombardi’s pizza: I thought the pizza was delicious. The only downside is it’s thin crust so I didn’t find it very filling

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