Lombardi’s Pizza, Museum of Ice Cream, + Georgetown Cupcakes

Last weekend was an action packed one. I went into the city with my sister, Alyssa, and then met up with C once we arrived. Our first stop was Lombardi’s Pizza. C had been saying great things about it so he thought we should try it. With the many times that I’ve been to New York, I’ve never had NY pizza. There is one other pizza place that I’ve been dying to try so I’ll have to give it a try within the next few months.

We went with the Margherita pizza and got bread sticks for appetizers. Was slightly disappointed they didn’t have garlic knots. Some of our bread sticks were burnt, but nonetheless still ate them with the sauce that they had on the side.

After finishing pizza, next up was the….

We arrived earlier than expected and they still let us go in. On the main floor they have apparel and other random bits with Museum of Ice Cream on it. Also on the main floor is an area where you can buy ice cream and they also have a coat check if needed. After being checked in, you can give yourself an ice cream name and then you can continue onto the other rooms. There isn’t a time limit in each room and they do not rush you out. You can get a total of 3 ice creams and the amount may be a size of two quarters haha

After going through all the rooms, the last stop was the infamous Sprinkle Room. The sprinkles felt a little rubbery. Everything was fine, but then a mob of little kids came running through and all hell broke looks. I got hit a few times along with my sister with sprinkles. Kids were flinging them left and right with not a care in the world. I only lasted a few more minutes before I headed out.

My honest opinion is that I don’t feel it was worth the price. You end up paying nearly $50 because of the extra “$8” fee that they add on to the actual ticket price. I would be able to justify the price if you actually got a full scoop of ice cream. To be it’s just not worth it for the money. I would only recommend going if you get some sort of discount. Also, dress in layers because it is warm inside.

After that we went to Georgetown Cupcakes since it was just around the corner and I’ve been meaning to check out their New York location. I have been to the Georgetown location a few times so I was looking forward to trying this one.

We went with the half dozen and unfortunately, the cupcakes were dry (crying face). I’m not sure if the are made locally or shipped, but they were never dry at the Georgetown location.

After cupcakes, we walked around a few shops, then my sister and I headed home.

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