Arianna’s March To Do List

So let’s see how much I didn’t accomplish last month. I feel like February flew by where as January, was slow moving.

  • Cut off Apple Music: Okay, I did cut off Apple Music, but then realized that since I previously had a Spotify account, I was not eligible to get the 3 months free (face palm). I went a little over a week without Apple Music until I had to give in because you can only stream Spotify when you’re within wifi
  • Set a weekly budget: This did not happen at all, but I did limit my spending each week significantly
  • Prepare for March birthdays: This was a struggle. I’m so picky when it comes to cards and I’m just indecisive in general so not much was acquired. I did get part of one persons birthday gift.
  • Post 3x a week on Kiwhi Market: I ended up posting 2x the first week, but ultimately decided that I want to revamp Kiwhi Market altogether so for right now, it’s on hold
  • File taxes: So glad this is done. Filing personal and business tax is not fun
  • Train Knox: With all of his health issues last year, training him got put on hold so for this month I want to try and get him re-potty trained by ringing a bell and also trying to train him to not bark at everything in sight.. any tips are welcome
  • Break out the camera: Photography was my thing and within the past nearly two years so much was going on in my personal life, that I became a bit depressed. It just did not interest me at all, but I really want to get back into and find my love for it again
  • Plan summer road trip: Originally I wanted this to be my year of travel, but paying off my student loans or at least paying off half, just makes more sense right now. So the cheaper option is to plan out a little road trip or maybe even two, that way they wouldn’t be as expensive as traveling overseas
  • Plan out birthday trip: Okay so for next year, I’m turning 3-0 and I’ve been struggling to decide on a destination of where to go. I think I’ve decided on Europe and I’ve narrowed it down to visiting Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and either Germany or Netherlands. I want to have a rough estimate of what my budget should be and have a little bit of an idea of places we want to see/visit, and maybe even which areas are the best. Any suggestions or country ideas, let me know!

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