What I've Been Up To: Quarantine Weekend Edition

Happy Tuesday!

So typically on Fridays, I like to do nothing (old age hitting me real hard), but with the coronavirus going on, my sister had to unfortunately move everything out of her dorm room. Let me just tell you that I am not looking forward to the moving process when I move out of my parents’ house. The pain my body felt from moving my sister out, was unimaginable lol We stuffed the one cart they give you to the brim, and we still had to hold things in our hands. Stuff kept falling off and it was definitely an experience to say the least. Next up was playing tetris to get everything to fit in the car.

Once Saturday rolled around, I tried to relax for a bit in the morning before I got ready to meet up with C. We went with Five Guys and ate at the park since we aren’t able to eat inside with everything going on. Since I’ve been eating so much chicken this week, eating a nice burger with fries really hit the spot. After eating, we walked around the park and it was packed. A Park Ranger shouted at some of the kids playing basketball that they either needed to create more of a distance between each other or just stop playing altogether.


Later in the day I thought it would be a great time to organize the spare bedroom closet so my sisters shoes can also fit, along with my dads. I took all of his shoes out, wrote down some measurements, and then looked to see what I could pick up in an open store that evening. I went to Walmart and picked up two of the Seville 2-Tier shoe racks just to make sure I liked it first. Walmart was a nightmare with the lines, but once I got home I started putting them together, then set them up in the closet. My lower back pain started to progressively get worse and I guess my back was still recovering from the day before. I also ended up binging the rest of Elite, which was so worth it.


Sunday finally arrived and I wanted to do nothing, but lay in bed all day. My lower back was still in a lot of pain so I made myself some breakfast and then went out to get the last shoe rack to finish up the closet. I ended up running out of space so I had to improvise and put some of the shoes in front, but it definitely looks a lot better.

Once I got back from Walmart, I started laundry, chilled on the couch, then started making baked ziti. I didn’t take an after picture because I didn’t think it looked that appealing. Below is the before picture.

Once it was done cooking, I started the new season of Greenhouse Academy and then ended up taking a nap. My exhaustion level from lack of sleep was at an all time high. My sister ended up making brownies so we had ourselves a little sundae, with ice cream, Oreo’s, and chocolate syrup. I finished the day with taking Knox for a long walk, before I laid in bed for the rest of the night watching tv.

How have you all been occupying your time with the quarantine?

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