How I Spent My 27th Birthday

Hey guys!
Hope you’re all being safe and practicing social distancing. I’ve been a bit out of touch which is why this post is going up so late (face palm). This past week was a bit hectic for me with everything going on in the world and my sister’s wedding (that didn’t end up happening) & with me turning 27 (insane).

This year didn’t really feel very birthday-ish. I’m not sure if it was the fact that it landed on a Monday and I still had to go to work or the fact that the world was basically starting to fall apart or if it was a combination of everything. I really can’t believe how old I am lol, I literally still feel like I turned 17 yesterday. I spent the morning having breakfast with my dad and my brother since my dad works in the evening and due to COVID-19, my brother was out of school. Nothing crazy, no shots being taken before noon or anything lol.

My friends surprised me with an ice cream cake and wine the night before so that was sweet of them and it was a good way to kick off my birthday. I was also lucky enough to go out to a restaurant the weekend before with my BF and had the best greek meal and even better dessert. Good thing we did that early because if we would of waited for the day of or after we wouldn’t of been able to.

I trudged to work that day with a smile on my face and half way through my shift one of my bestfriend’s (we’ve been friends for like 16 years) showed up to my job with balloons and a gift. I was so surprised and so happy that she took time out of her day to show up for me. When I came home my family had cake & it was SO delicious. I hope I can get the same cake next year too. My BF came over and it was the perfect way to end the day. I am blessed to see another year and have so many people around me who love me enough to show up and give me a ton of love for my birthday.
Here’s to another year.


P.S. I didn’t take that many pictures but here are a couple of my birthday festivities

My delicious cake!!
The delicious greek food we got!

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