Ice Cream Tour in NYC

Okay so I wasn’t sure whether to post this or not since you can’t visit any of these shops right now. I had finished the post last month and when I had planned to post it, is when everything had started, but I thought this post would be a nice distraction and I’m sure you can order some of the ice cream online as well.

For the past two months I’ve dragged (kidding) C with me to try different ice cream shops in NY. Thankfully, he lives in the city so it wasn’t that hard to get to these places. I started off with 5 places that I wanted to visit. The plan was every time I went to visit him, we would try to check out a new place.

First up was….

Morgenstern’s: SoHo

The shop is small, adorable and so aesthetically pleasing. I’m all about aesthetics and decor. The floor was black and white along with the rest of the shop, but the flooring is something I want in my future bathroom. Outside of the shop has a little seating area.

Flavors: 88 choices
Rating: 6.5-7/10
Texture: Thick
Pricing: 1 scoop: $5.75, 2 scoops: $7.75

By far my worst ice cream photo ever, but I promise to be better haha

We went with cookies + cream and blueberries + cream

Next stop was…

Ample Hills Creamery: Chelsea

I thought the shop was cute and filled with lots of colors. There was enough space for you to sit once you got your ice cream. I felt like there were enough options to choose from. C wanted to try the sundae, but on that day they didn’t have any brownies and it was still early in the day so I was surprised.

Flavors: 16 choices
Rating: 9/10
Texture: Creamy
Pricing: 1 scoop $4.50, 2 scoops: $5.50

I went with sweet cream + cookies and ooey gooey butter cake. I was not a fan of the butter cake chunks as it tasted like caramel, which I am not a huge fan of. C went with vanilla bean and oh fudge.

And the third stop is…

Big Gay Ice Cream: West Village

Okay, so I wasn’t too impressed with this one. I thought this was your typical ice cream place with a few toppings to choose from. For some reason I assumed they would at least have some of their own flavors, but they didn’t. It was only soft serve, which I love, but they do have some specialty creations to spice it up a bit.

Flavors: 3 choices
Rating: 4.5/10
Texture: Creamy
Pricing: cup/cone $3.90, specialty cones range from $5.28-$5.74, toppings are anywhere from $1-$2 each

I tried the American globs which is vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate with dark chocolate covered pretzels. I didn’t really like it and I ended up only eating the center. C went with the twist and no toppings.

Fourth stop…

Venchi: Broadway

The chocolate wall of dreams

I haven’t had gelato much so I wasn’t sure what to even expect. I thought the shop itself was as I would say, aesthetically pleasing. When you walk in they have a wall of chocolate bars to your right and on the left is where you order. Straight in the back they have a chocolate wall with seating available.

Flavors: 20 choices
Rating: 8/10
Texture: Creamy
Pricing: 1 flavor $5.50, 2 flavors $6.50. Also, with every additional flavor, the price goes up $1

I went with Stracciatella, which has milk and chocolate chips. I was not a fan of the chocolate chips because I think it was dark chocolate. C went with Giandujotto Venezuela, which contains Venezuelan chocolate and hazelnut, and vanilla.

And the final stop is…

Van Leeuwen: Hudson Yards

So this one I think is my favorite. To start off, I mean how aesthetically pleasing is the store front. They have regular and vegan ice cream available. This particular shop was pretty small and there isn’t enough seating available so I ended up having to stand outside of the shop. There are pints of ice cream available as well.

OBSESSED with these cups

Flavors: I think 22 choices
Rating: 9.5/10
Texture: Creamy
Pricing: 1 flavor $5.75, 2 flavors $7.75, 3 flavors $9.75

I obviously went with the cookies and cream and ugh, I’m missing it already. C went with the chocolate fudge brownie and vanilla. I unfortunately forgot to take a photo of it and by the time I remembered, he was a few scoops in. Both of his flavor choices were just as delicious, but the cookies and cream holds a special place in my heart.

And the winner is…
Van Leeuwen

What are some of your favorite ice cream shops? It can be within the US or anywhere in the world.

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