Arianna’s April Favorites

Goodbye April! What a month it has been and not gonna lie, this month has really messed with my mental health. How are you all doing?


  • Money Heist (Netflix): It’s about a group of people that “the professor” personally selected to go into the Royal Mint of Spain as they try to print billions of euros while also trying to pull off the biggest heist in history. There are four seasons, and each episode just gets better and better



  • Revlon Hair Dryer Brush: I’ve been wanting to try one of these out since salons are closed, at least in NJ. The only issue is having thick hair, it requires a little more work to use. You need to use a fine toothed comb to make sure your hair is completely combed out, otherwise your hair with constantly get stuck in the brush


  • Knox finally using his bell to go potty: He’s been training using the bell for a few months, but with everyone being home it has helped him to finally learn it and use it. I decided to put a bell on every floor of the house since he has short legs and cannot make it to the one on the first floor
  • Finding my game boys and Furbies: Man the nostalgia really hit me hard. I could not stop smiling when I saw them. I was tempted to turn one of my furbies on, but I knew once you turn it on, you cannot get them to shut up haha I did end up turning on one of my game boys, but the lighting on it was so damn dull, I don’t know how I use to use that thing years ago
  • Trying to purge: I’ve been really trying to get rid of things that I no longer use/wear. I want to condense every thing I have so that when I move in the near future, it will make my life so much easier


  • Cinnamon Rolls: So on a random Tuesday, I came home from work and was craving cinnamon rolls. I checked to see if I had everything and just started making it lol Let me tell you that the aroma from it baking in the oven, I just knew it was so worth it and surprisingly, it’s really not that hard to make

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