Jakelin’s April Favorites

This has been quite an interesting month for me. There has been a lot of adjusting to our temporary norm and a lot of finding ways to maintain some healthy habits. Together we will totally get through this so, let me share with you some of my favorite things this month.

TV Shows

The Original’s: (Netflix)
If you’ve seen Vampire Diaries, you need to watch this! It follows characters from the VD and goes in depth into their lives more. At first I didn’t think I would enjoy it and then I ended up watching all five seasons lol. So many tears! I definitely recommend.

Little Fires Everywhere:(Hulu)
This is a new series that I went for due to my love of all things Reese Witherspoon lol. It is amazing!! It takes place in 90’s and follows two very different mothers and their history and interactions with each other. It is so juicy and leaves you wanting more. I have become so obsessed and it airs every Wednesday on Hulu.


Lately I’ve been listening to a wide variety of albums and these are some of my recently played. I have really been into Chance the rapper so his album is getting a lot of play time.


Air Fryer Donut’s:
Does this sound crazy? Well it was amazing lol. Me and my brother saw a TikTok and then that was it. We made these easy delicious cinnamon sugar donuts from biscuits we had in the fridge. If you’re interested I might make a post just about these because they were so good! We even made little munchkins too.

I wish I had a better photo lol but I didn’t intend on documenting this lol

Banana Bread:
I made the most amazing banana bread during this quarantine and just a lot of bread making in general lol. This is a basic recipe but who wouldn’t love some warm banana bread out the oven?

Premium Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds:
The only grocery store I have been visiting is Trader Joe’s and let me tell you, I can write a whole list of amazing things but these almonds are everythinggggg if you’re a chocolate lover.


Snow Falling by Jane Gloriana Villanueva: (Book)
If you watched and loved Jane the Virgin as much as me and you just read that like huh?? Trust me you have read it right!! I came across a video of someone opening this book and I literally gasped lol. If you haven’t watched the show, the main character Jane is an author and in the show she releases a book and THIS IS IT! I had no idea they released a real life book made to look exactly like the one she released in the show with its dedication to Michael and everything. I haven’t started it but I’m so so sooo excited lol. You’ll all hear about it for next month’s book post!

Thanks for reading!

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