6 Shows You Need To Watch Now

If there is one thing you need to know about me is that I love to watch tv lol. When I find a show that is good it’s very easy for me to just binge it all in the matter of a few days. I get so caught up in the plot and I literally fall in love with characters lmao, I swear I have an illness. If you’re anything like me you know that sometimes you run through your favorite show and then you’re left with nothing else to watch. Well, fear not because today I’ll be sharing with you 6 must watch shows that you can stream today. I haven’t put them in any specific order because they are all good and worth a try.

1. Little fires everywhere, Hulu

I’ve talked about this show on my last monthly favorites but I had to bring it back because I really need you guys to go watch it lol. Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington come together to bring us a battle between moms in which all secrets come to light and nothing is off limits. There is so much drama and I can not wait for a new season because I have so many questions that I need answered.

Source: Hulu

2. Outer banks, Netflix

I watched this entire thing in one day… LOL. I would be embarrassed if it wasn’t so amazing!! My words would not suffice so just watch the trailer and go to Netflix today because you won’t regret it.

Source: Netflix

3. Legacies, Netflix

If you’ve watched Vampire Diaries and the Originals you MUST watch this series. It is the perfect continuation of the world in which the Salvatores and Mikaelsons exist. If you haven’t seen those then you get even more of a treat because you have enough TV to last you a while lol.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes TV

4. The Order, Netflix

This show is the perfect amount of drama, suspense and mystery. This would be the perfect time to get into this show because season 2 is about to come out sometime this year!

Source: Netflix

5. Dead To Me, Netflix

This show makes me laugh out loud sometimes. They made their character Judy such a hot mess lol. Def worth watching; I just binged season 2 in 2 days.

Source: Netflix

6. The Society, Netflix

I LOVE this show and I’m so sad that I haven’t heard more people talking about it because it deserves some recognition. Basically, a highschool trip ends up taking the students to a parallel universe where no one exists except them. They have to learn to take care of one another and also have to figure out how they will keep order. It’s super interesting and super entertaining and you just have to go watch. I can not wait for season 2 to come out because I feel like I’ve been waiting forever lol.

Source: ONE Media

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