Gardening + Making Garden Markers

Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed some sun! Over the weekend I finally started on my gardening. The weather has been all over the place so I wasn’t sure whether to wait a little bit longer before planting, but I opted to just plant them anyway.

I bought this Better Homes & Garden elevated garden bed from Walmart. It must be sold out because I could not find it anywhere on their site.

For gardening, I bought: basil, cherry tomato, roma tomato, cucumber, oregano, sweet onion, strawberries, marigolds, bell pepper, and thyme. Days leading up to planting, some squirrels had gotten a hold of some plants and ate some. I hope some will be able to still grow, but I need to replace my cherry tomatoes, and a lavender plant.
Also, if anyone has tips on keeping the birds away, please send them my way. I keep finding them pecking my poor little plants! I’ve been thinking about adding some type of ribbon to the stakes to see if that would help deter them.

For garden makers, I used acrylic paint, mod podge, jumbo popsicle sticks, and dimensional fabric paint (for writing the letters). I only ended up with three colors since both Target and Walmart were sold out of paint, and I had to find colors from Michael’s that were in stock for me to pick up. When I made these garden markers a few years ago, I used a bunch of bright colors, which just helps to brighten up the garden and you can easily spot the name from far away. I do love the three colors we ended up going with though.

I did two coats of paint on each side. Once dried, I wrote the name on each popsicle stick and let that dry overnight. The following day, two layers of mod podge went on the side with the name and the side with just paint on it, had one layer of pod podge. Once you let that completely dry, it’s time to place them in the garden.

The perfectionist in me was internally crying when my sister and I were making them. It was hard to not only get the sizing of the letters right, but also trying to make sure that you weren’t slanting the letters. I blame it on our early start to the day and us just being exhausted. I left some of the bottoms without paint since it will be in the dirt and no one will see it anyway.

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