Jakelin’s May Favorites

Here’s a quick recap of things I’ve been enjoying during the month of May. It has been the shortest, longest year of my life lol. My spring semester is over and I’ve been enjoying a couple weeks off by relaxing and making good memories with my family.

TV Shows

Anne with an E (Netflix): Never in my life did I think I would actually enjoy this show but, I was SO invested. This show takes place in the 1800s and it follows an orphan named Anne. She is so eccentric and we see her manage her day to day life and grow up. It’s so good and I loved it so much and I wish there was another season. (sad face)

Blood & Water (Netflix): Let me start by saying that I binged this series . It follows a girl whose sister went missing as a child and she searches for answers to try and see what happened to her. I don’t want to spoil it too much so I recommend you go and watch the pilot.

Sweet Magnolias (Netflix): This show was so heart felt and cute and it reminded me of shows like Gilmore Girls, Hart of Dixie and Virgin River. It’s a drama that follows 3 lifelong friends and their businesses and families. It just came out and I’m already waiting for the next season lol.


Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate: This stuff is amazing! I suffer from dry skin and even when I add moisturizer before bed I tend to wake up with my face feeling dry. Using this serum, I wake up and my skin feels super hydrated and ready to go.


These are some of the albums that I’ve been playing on repeat as of lately lol. (A lot of Shakira)


Banana Pudding: I made this quick banana pudding to celebrate memorial day with my family. It’s a quick and easy recipe and if you want to make it you can view how I make mine here.

Dunkaroo’s: If you’re a 90’s baby and you have not heard yet, Dunkaroos are back!! These were my favorite treats growing up as a kid so, when I saw that they were returning I was super excited. They held a pre-order and if you were one of the first 5,000 people then you got one for free! I set an alarm and I made it !!! I was super hype lol.

Seafood Boil: If you love seafood like me and have never had a seafood boil, you need to! I picked this pan up for my family and it was so good. I got mine a little spicy and it brought crab, corn, potatoes, clams, mussels, crawfish and shrimp.

Cake Pops: I had some left over cake before Mother’s day and I decided to make some quick cake pops and I made my own cute Mother’s day tags and I did porch drop offs to some of the moms in my family. I wanted to spread a little happiness during this weird time and I wanted the moms to feel special. I enjoyed making these and I’ll probably get a recipe up soon.

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