Sibling Tag Questions with my sister

Happy Tuesday!
I thought I would switch up today’s blog post and do one where you can get to know me a bit more, but also my sister as well. Below we answered some questions. Enjoy!

Who is the youngest/oldest among you?
Arianna: Obviously, I’m the oldest (28)
Alyssa: I am the baby of the house (19)

What do you like about your sister?
Arianna: Someone to talk to, go on adventures with and she’s funny…sometimes
Alyssa: I like that she lets me show her all of my funny tiki’s toks and she laughs at my jokes.

What do you hate about your sister?
Arianna: That she’s lazy
Alyssa: She asks me too many questions about things that I don’t even know the answer to

What do you and your sister have in common?
Arianna: We’re both sassy, but she is worse and our personalities are similar
Alyssa: Uhh, what don’t we have in common?

What annoys you most about your sister?
Arianna: That she’s not helpful, especially when it came to our joint business venture
Alyssa: I don’t know, next question

What’s your funniest memory together?
Arianna: Hmm, there’s so many, but one was when we ran to our golf cart in Cabo to go to an Asian restaurant, and we stuffed ourselves to the point where we couldn’t move and when we nearly passed out from the heat at the Red Bulls season ticket signing
Alyssa: When I almost cracked my leg in Banff at the frozen lake (Lake Louise)

What do you do for fun?
Arianna: I bake and randomly look up recipes that I’ll never do, hang out with friends/C, and I’m constantly pinning things for my future house
Alyssa: Watch TikToks, watching shows on Netflix, and chase Knox around

Describe your sister in just three words.
Arianna: Attitude (Alyssa glares over at me) Um, Adventurous and Frank
Alyssa: (Starts laughing and complaining) I would describe her as My. Good. Sis.

What’s your nickname that the family calls you?
Arianna: Nana (facepalm)
Alyssa: Lys

Who’s room is a mess?
Arianna: Definitely, Alyssa’s
Alyssa: Um, my room is clean now

What’s your sister’s favorite game to play?
Arianna: She doesn’t really play games, but as of recent I would say Minecraft
Alyssa: Sims

What is your sister’s favorite food/drink?
Arianna: Well, she loves juice, preferably lemonade and chicken nuggies and fries, preferably from ChickFilA
Alyssa: Well, she also likes French fries, pizza, and Oreos

What does your sister think about the most?
Arianna: Boys, just kidding. Um, she thinks about what she wants to do, but won’t actually do it
Alyssa: Her future house and her fake hypothetical wedding

Who reads more?
Arianna: ME! If magazines count, or reading things online
Alyssa: Girl, I read tweets

What is the thing you’d love to do together?
Arianna: Go skydiving or stay at a safari range. Basically anything adventurous
Alyssa: Anything traveling related

Who is the most talented?
Arianna: Looks at each other in sync, next question
Alyssa: Do you have skills?

What’s your favorite makeup brand?
Arianna: None!
Alyssa: Glossier

What is your sister really bad at?
Arianna: She can’t ride her bike, she throws food on Overcooked, she can barely cook in real life, and her grammar
Alyssa: Ugh I don’t know. Skip to the next question

What is your sister really good at?
Arianna: Being on her phone all day
Alyssa: Planning things

Who loves cooking and makes delicious items?
Arianna: ME!!
Alyssa: She does. I just fake help

Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
Arianna: Alyssa
Alyssa: I take longer, but it’s because I’m having a concert in the bathroom

Who likes heels or flats?
Arianna: Flats! Bad knees for the win
Alyssa: Vans, but wish I could wear heels

Are you both close?
Arianna: I guess
Alyssa: Sure beans

Who’s hot? 
Arianna: Me haha Sergio Ramos
Alyssa: Travis Kelce

What’s a weird habit of your sister?
Arianna: She likes to pull her pants all the way up when we’re walking the dog
Alyssa: She doesn’t have a weird habit, she’s not really very special

What was your biggest fight?
Arianna: Probably something over her laziness
Alyssa: Co-sign

Describe the last thing you did with your sister.
Arianna: Doing this haha. Something that was exciting is when we went to Bay Head
Alyssa: Road Trip to ChickFilA

Complete this statement: “My sister is…”
Arianna: My sister is a psycho sass queen, but I love her
Alyssa: My sister is my mejor amigo

My sister and I really enjoyed doing this, and many laughs were shared of reminiscing to things we have done. I can’t wait for the next adventures that we go on. If you end up doing the tag with your sibling(s), let me know how it goes.

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