What We’ve Learned After One Year of Blogging

Today marks our One Year Blogging Anniversary!

We honestly can’t believe it’s been O N E YEAR already. It has definitely been a bit of a learning curve for both us with trying to prioritize everything and making sure that we have two posts going up each week, along with trying to be active on social media. We’ve obviously missed some here or there, but sometimes personal life just gets in the way. Since we’ve just wrapped up our first year of blogging, we’ve listed below a few things that we have learned so far.

  1. Write down your blogging topic ideas
    There are so many ideas that come to you when you first start blogging. If you write them down, it will be easier for you in the long run, so you don’t forget them and it’s a great way to look back at, for when you’re stuck and you can’t think of anything to write about
  2. Photography is everything
    Having high quality photos is really important in order to capture your readers attention. The thing we struggled with most is what to take photos of for social media purposes and as header photos for each post
  3. Plan out your posts
    Now this is something we need to be better at. We have a shared calendar so we would put down what posts were going down on which day, and if there were certain posts we want for next month, we could kind of mark it down so we could plan ahead for it. Now some things couldn’t be quite planned out, like if you’re doing more real life things, like a weekend post and you want it posted in real time and not two weeks later. We sometimes envy people who have a whole months worth of blog posts just ready to go at any given time
  4. Social Media
    Social media is super important with trying to drive traffic to your blog, but it is definitely exhausting. We only use Pinterest and Instagram and trying to keep everything up to date was definitely harder in the beginning. Sometimes it’s hard to kind of stock pile photos that you can constantly post a few times a week
  5. Blogging is hard
    Despite how hard and time consuming it is, we love it. There are some days where you have an idea and you say to yourself, how hard can it be to actually bring it to life, but then when it comes time to actually typing your life away, you start to second guess yourself. You also have to make sure your site is user friendly and that it helps to capture your readers attention
  6. Post about things you care about
    You’ll be more passionate about it when you actually care for it. Don’t put out a post, for the sake of posting. You can easily tell when sometimes heart isn’t into the post that they’re doing
  7. It’s okay to take a break
    With starting a blog, there’s so many things that you start doing in the beginning like brainstorming and planning and it can be a lot. Especially with coming up with a blog name, theme, hosting site, and etc. When you’re still trying to find your groove with blogging, you can eventually get overwhelmed or get burned out. It’s perfectly okay to take a few days off, or even a week, just to reset and recharge so you can get back into it
  8. It’s fun!
    Especially when you get to talk about topics that you love. You can set your own schedule, work just about anywhere, it’s something you can always look back on as a journal, and it’s a great creative outlet

Arianna’s Favorite Posts

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Jakelin’s Favorite Posts

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Within our next year of blogging, we hope to start networking/meeting other bloggers, have you get to know us a little bit more, step up our game on social media, grow our traffic, and most importantly, to be having fun.

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