A Weekend In My Life: White Rose Hamburgers, What’s The Scoop, Time Outside, + House of Cupcakes

Happy Tuesday!
I realized I haven’t done a weekend in my life post for quite awhile, and it’s probably because there really isn’t much going on these days. Below you can see everything that I got up to this past weekend!


Around 7:30 am was the start of my day by taking Knox for a walk.

A few hours later, I picked up C and then we went to White Rose for lunch. I remember hearing about this place in high school and nearly 10+ years later, I was finally able to try it. I didn’t get one of their famous burgers since I do not like onions and the onions are in the meat, so I opted for the Philly cheesesteak and it was delicious. Also worth the hype is the french fries and popcorn shrimp. C said their onion rings are equally delicious.

We ended up just sitting around and enjoying the weather for a bit, before we left and headed to What’s The Scoop for ice cream. We shared the Moose Tracks flavor. I believe it’s vanilla ice cream with either chocolate syrup or fudge, and bits of peanut butter cups. All of their ice cream is homemade and it’s worth a visit if you don’t live too far.

Once we finished our ice cream, we went to the park, laid out our blanket, and just chilled for a few hours.
Later in the evening once I came home, I played Outcooked with my sister and that game is so addicting!


Thankfully, Knox and I were able to sleep in and we woke up around 8:40ish am. There’s this guy in our neighborhood that walks his cat around his house so sometimes Knox and I get the opportunity to just watch him try to chase his cat around.

After eating breakfast, I had to help replace the screens on some of our windows with my mom.
I also ended up adding a pinwheel and some foil to my garden to help deter the birds from eating the strawberries.

Later on in the day I went to Lowe’s because I’ve been contemplating for a few weeks of whether to give my room a slight makeover with paint and some new decor. The issue is since I do want to move out within the next year, was it worth doing my room over, but I thought paint isn’t that expensive so I gave in. I will just have to be smarter with the decor and not waste my money.

Those were the options I went with, and I’m sure you can tell they all look nearly the same haha. My room is a dark gray now, so I wanted an extremely light gray color, but I didn’t want it to be white. I came home with three samples and have painted swatches on every wall of my room so I can see them in different light.

Once finishing up at Lowe’s, my sister and I headed to House of Cupcakes to pick up our order. We’ve both been craving cupcakes, and thought it would be great to help a local business as well. We went with Vanilla Riot, Creme filled, Carrot, Oreo, and Birthday Cake.

How was your weekend?

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