Making Meringue Cookies

Meringue cookies are my dads favorite so, I thought it would be perfect if I tried a new recipe. I tried following Sugar Geek’s recipe for meringue cookies and if you don’t know who Sugar Geek is you are seriously missing out!

Now if I’m being honest I tried making meringues once before, years ago and they were a complete fail lol. So what better time to try again and redeem myself.

The recipe is pretty straight forward and she also has a youtube where she shows the process step by step. I think having a video is super helpful because you can make sure everything is looking the way it should lol. I wanted to make sure these would come out perfect so I paid close attention to all the details.

These take a long time to dry in order to ensure they come out the way they should so I baked them just as she said and let them dry overnight in the oven since I ended up baking them late anyways.

Here are the results..

I added a little yellow food colors and a sprinkled some edible glitter on them to make them extra cute!

One thing I should note is that I baked them as long as she stated and when I checked on them the next day they weren’t the right texture. They were like chewy and you weren’t able to take a bite without having to put the whole thing in your mouth lol. They were all wrong (sad face). So the next day I popped them back in the oven for another 20 minutes as like a last effort to save them and when they came out they were PERFECTION!!

Here’s the inside.. (please ignore my horrific chipping nail polish lol I’m painting them today.)

If you want to try making these I recommend with a little longer of a baking time.

my dad loved them & I think I’m going to use a few to decorate a cake I’m making for my brothers graduation. I’ll be sure to show you guys soon!

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