Arianna’s June Favorites

Can’t believe we are halfway through the year. This past month has honestly just exhausted me mentally and physically. At this point I just need a nice tropical vacation so I can just relax with a drink in my hand.


  • Blood & Water: It takes place in Cape Town and it’s about a girl whose sister got abducted at birth. She sets out trying to prove whether this girl she ran into at a party could be her sister



  • Trying White Rose finally! It’s honestly making me want some right now
  • Cupcakes from The House of Cupcakes


  • Clear storage containers like these from The Container Store. I’ve been trying to organize all of my Kiwhi Market stuff on the shelving unit that I have and it’s nice to see everything more organized. It’s one of the few things I needed to do to get my room ready for its mini makeover


  • Watching the progress of my plants over the course of a month. I’ve been snapping a photo of it every Sunday so I can see how much it’s grown over the course of a week
  • Lately, I’ve been really trying to learn more about finance/savings in general. I’ve been enjoying reading Money Diaries on Refinery29. It’s about women with all different salary amounts and they explain what they do over a course of a week with their money. My plan for July is to learn more about stocks, high yield savings accounts, life insurance, and everything else in between. If you have any recommendations, send them my way
  • C finally meeting Knox for the first time

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