Jakelin’s June Favorites

With July now in full effect I can let you guys know about all the things that got me through June!

TV Shows

The 100 (Netflix): This is set in a time where the earth became uninhabitable and the sole survivors were living in space. After many years they send 100 juvenile prisoners to earth to see if it is now livable. There is 6 seasons on Netflix and the 7th and final season (sad face) is currently airing on the CW. It is SO good, 10/10 lol. Go watchhhh

Money Heist (Netflix): I was late to the party for this one lol. Arianna has been telling me for weeks to watch and so has my cousin and I finally sat down to watch and girlllll, I was totally missing out!! It revolves around a heist that takes place in Spain. I absolutely fell in love with the characters and the plot is so well done, I was always on the edge of my seat. Another 10/10, Nairobi is my favorite.


USB chargeable candle lighter: To be honest this thing scared me when I first got it but it’s AMAZING. Everyone needs one of these & since it’s rechargeable there is no running out of fluid, just pop the USB in and charge it for its next use.

Sand + Fog Candle: With stores opening up, I was able to head to the store and I bought this candle from homegoods. It’s tropical citrus and smells so good and I love the color of the glass and the lid; it’s very aesthetically pleasing which is a bonus lol. ( I couldn’t find the same style with the lid that I got but click the button above for the same scent!)


I did a bunch of baking during the month of June and here is a look into a few of them!

chocolate cookies and cream cake
I wish I had more photos of this one but I was in such a rush lol. My brother turned 18 and graduated so I made both his cakes. I’m extra proud of the numbers since that was the first time trying that style of cake out. & the other one is icecream.
Yes… this is exactly what you think it is LOL and below is what the inside was like

Hope you all enjoyed how I spent June! Follow us on Instagram to keep up with our daily lives.

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