Birthday Weekend in The Berkshires

Last Wednesday, July 15th, I turned 29!! It’s honestly crazy to think that I am officially in my last year of my twenties. The day of my birthday, I spent most of the day working, my boss treated me to lunch and got me a little ice cream cake. Typically for birthdays we try to get the whole staff together, but with everything going on, it was just the two of us. Later on in the day, I came home and my sister decorated the dining room with sloth jungle decorations that you can get from target. We ordered food and ate cake. I was honestly exhausted so it was a very low key birthday and there really isn’t much to do these days anyways. Later on in the evening, C stopped by for a bit.

On Friday C and I headed out in the morning to his families upstate NY house. Once we got closer to the house we stopped at Four Brothers for pizza since C had been raving about it.

And now this is when the story gets a little bit fun. After arriving at the house, C had to turn the water on since no one has been up to the house in a year. We went through all of the house and some things were not up to our standards. We then tried the AC and realized that also didn’t work so we knew after eating we had to make a game plan of what we wanted to do. As we were eating I hear water dripping and saw that there was a leak in the roof. AND THEN before we knew it, there were SIX MORE LEAKS! It started spreading throughout the kitchen. At that point we knew we definitely could not stay in the house, we cut off the water, and tried to wait it out a bit for the water to stop before we left. As C was dealing that that, I was looking up hotels for us to stay at.

We were trying to wait for the leaks to stop so we could clean up before we left to our hotel, but C’s mom told us to enjoy the rest of our weekend and to just stop back on the way home to clean up. It was about a 40 minute drive and the views are just so pretty with all of the hills. C and I are very opposite when it comes to country living haha

Once we arrived at the hotel and relaxed for a bit, we went to SoCo Creamery in Great Barrington. I went with the Cookies & Cream, while C chose Peanut Butter Mudslide. We both added mini chocolate chips, but I took the photo before it was added. I ended up liking his ice cream more, I think because the cookies weren’t really sweet.


The following morning we went to a local supermarket to pick out some food for breakfast. After eating, we relaxed for a bit and then I was trying to find things for us to do/social media spots. The main focus of our mini getaway was to pretty much relax. We both haven’t really had a break since the pandemic started. After much thought, we realized it was hot out so that limited what we were going to do significantly. I saw a place called The Bistro Box that looked delicious, so we had to rush over there before they closed. We waited for awhile, but it was so worth it. We went with the steak n’ cheese, lobster roll, and the grated Parmesan and truffle oil fries. If you’re ever in the area, check it out because you will not be disappointed.

After eating we went to Olivia’s lookout and it was such a pretty view.

Later that night, we went to District kitchen & bar in Pittsfield for dinner. I went with a margherita flat bread, C chose a lobster roll, and we also got fried calamari to share. I never had calamari until this trip, and I didn’t realize they look like mini octopuses. haha I didn’t hate it, but I ate three pieces and that was enough for me. I just couldn’t get past the way they look.


The following day is when we headed out home. We ate at Bagel & Brew for breakfast, stopped off at the house, and then made a pit stop in Millerton, NY to see if I could find some type of gift for my sister. I really wanted to bring back baked goods, but I did really find any decent spots in MA or NY. After that C wanted to go to the burger place that was a about an hour away, but along the way we stopped off at the Four Brothers in Amenia and they had this whole drive in theater set up. The drive in part wasn’t open, but the food shack type thing was. The Four Brothers Drive In set up was so aesthetically pleasing. We both got burgers, fries, and finished off with some ice cream for dessert.

C officially became the Instagram boyfriend during this trip. On the way up, he refused to stop anywhere for me, but that Sunday when we were leaving, any time I pointed something out, he stopped so I could get a photo. He now reminds me to take photos for Instagram and for the blog haha

C and I fell in love with Lenox and just the whole Berkshires area. We definitely want to go back, but this time we’ll bring Knox along with us for the trip. We might try and make a trip up again next month and probably one more time in the fall, because I can only imagine what the trees look like in the fall time. I already miss the country roads and the food.

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