Weekend Recap: Kayaking + Baking

I spent the weekend enjoying my days kayaking and baking! This weekend being the last one before going back to work I made sure to have a good time with my family + friends.

It was a big group of us and we wanted to go to our favorite lake but it was closed for kayaks so we quickly googled the nearest lake and ended up going to a different lake and having a great time. The boys went fishing and I watched lmfao just paddling around. The day was so hot but perfect to be on the water.

The next day I spent baking. Baking is an all day event for me and most of the time I have a huge mess while working lol. Here are a few photos of my station and just the process of my cakes. It’s lots of butter and lots of naked layers lol.

This beauty before being frosted

My weekend wasn’t super exciting and I need to be better about taking pictures of my days so I can share with you guys. I’ll work on it lol. Me and Arianna are working on bringing you good content in the future so stay tuned !

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