Arianna’s July Favorites

And just like that my birthday month is officially coming to a close.


  • Patriots Day (Netflix): I don’t remember ever seeing this movie advertised anywhere, but it’s about the Boston Marathon bombing. It was better than I thought and I enjoyed getting a back story of some of the athletes/spectators that got injured. Within the movie, they showed actual real life clips. Watching it was just crazy because my friend and I were in Boston that same exact weekend visiting a friend, and she was trying to make us stay another day for the marathon
  • Say I Do (Netflix): It’s about couples who have had to overcome some struggles or obstacles in life, and they end up being surprised with their dream wedding



  • The most amazing cheese steak and fries from The Bistro Box. I think I’ll be taking a day trip back up next month because 1. I miss it and 2. I want my sister to try out the food. In case you missed that post from my weekend in the Berkshires, you can click here.
  • Ice Cream from SoCo Creamery. I’m not a fan of really hard ice cream and this one was nice and creamy. They also get all of their milk for the ice cream from a local farm


  • Since I’m in the process of giving my room a little makeover. I decided to try out this family friendly white bedding from Target. The pet hair doesn’t stick to the comforter and so far I am obsessed with it
  • Kya Bamboo Mirror: With the process of re-doing my room, I thought adding a mirror would be great a addition. My indecisiveness has really been getting the best of me. I had originally planned to put it above my bed, but it’s not above my dresser, which I think fits the wall better
  • Real Madrid 2018/19 Jersey: I’ve been wanting to up my soccer fashion game, and adding a Real Madrid jersey was the perfect addition. Eventually I do want to get a Sergio Ramos jersey, maybe when I hopefully take that trip to Madrid
  • Arsenal Pre-Match Jersey: This was probably my most favorite gift since it’s blue, which is my favorite color and I love how bright it is


  • My birthday weekend in The Berkshires. It was just so nice to relax and have a mini getaway for a few days. I’m itching for another weekend trip and have been looking at Vermont or Rhode Island as possible options

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