What I’ve Been Up To In August: Arianna

We are officially back + Happy First Day of September!!

Can’t believe another month has gone by and that month off was very much needed. It was nice to enjoy some time with family and just relax for a bit. I’m also looking forward to going on a plane again one day. Below you can read on what I got up to in August!

What I binged in August was:

The Lost Husband (Netflix): I thought the movie was cute and it was about a woman basically starting over with her two kids after her husband died.

The Rain (Netflix): I watched the final season, which is Season 3. The Rain is about this rain carried virus that sweeps the whole country. I thought it was great and it still captivated your attention. Usually after a few seasons of shows, it can get a bit boring and drag on. Certain parts of the season were sad, but I’m glad the way it ended.

Euphoria (HBO): I’ve been hearing so much about this show and I was finally able to watch it. It tackles real life issues of high school students.

Last Chance U (Netflix): I’m obsessed with this show and my sister and I have been watching an episode or two every night. We’re currently halfway through P2. It definitely gives me Cheer vibes if any of you were loving that show. It’s hard to hear some of the stories that a lot of the players have gone through and many of them are just trying to have a better life for themselves

Now onto my favorite things/moments:

In August, I took another trip back up to the mountains in The Berkshires, but this time my sister and Knox joined C. and I. We went to some of our favorite places, The Bistro Box, Olivia’s Overlook, and SoCo Creamery. Eventually, I would love to own a little vacation home in Lenox, MA or somewhere in Canada by a lake. It would be nice for weekend trips or long getaways.

  • So I fell in love with this soap either last year or the year before. If you’re ever in TJ Maxx, pick yourself up one. It doesn’t leave your skin dry and the smell is amazing
  • C. and I finally took Knox to the dog park for the first time since the whole pandemic started. Knox was very antisocial when we first went, I guess because it’s been so long. He eventually started running around and two bigger dogs kept going after him, and Knox being the lover that he is, he barely fought back so I had to keep picking him up
  • I had talked about Diesel and Duke to C. maybe a month or two ago and how we should try it. Thankfully on a Saturday we were looking for somewhere to eat and decided to make the drive. I told myself that once we got home to take a photo, and well, let’s just say that photo never happened. The burgers were delicious and not greasy like Five Guys, and the fries (regular and cajun) were just as tasty. I think they only have locations in NJ. C. and I both went with bacon cheeseburgers, wheresas my mom went with the Holypeno Burger. She said the caramelized onions were perfect and the chipotle mayo had a little big of a kick to it

And the music I’ve been listening to non-stop:

What did some of you get up to or have been loving in August?

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