What I’ve been up to in August: Jakelin

We’re back! Thank you so much to all of you for coming back and tuning in to our crazy lives. August has been nice to me. I spent it relaxing and enjoying the last weeks of summer with my friends and family. I had a lot of time to enjoy my free time and get some great ideas to bring you fun content for the upcoming fall season! ((I’m so excited))

Tv/Movies I loved:

I was on a serious romantic movie bender lol so most of these fall under that category

Nights in Rodanthe(Netflix): I was so invested in the characters this one will have you reaching for tissues lol.

The lost husband(Netflix): I didn’t realize it when I watched that this was new to netflix. I’ve seen it on my top 10 trending list for a couple weeks now. It’s a cute romance movie with a touch of drama.

While you were sleeping(Disney+): This movie is so cute and funny! I’m surprised I had never heard of it until I stumbled across it on Disney+ 10/10 recommend.

The Umbrella Academy(Netflix): I binged the second season and re-watched multiple times because I didn’t want to let go lol! I loved it so much

Cobra Kai(Netflix): This picks up 34 years after the karate kid left off and follows the same cast and characters as adults! It’s so entertaining and I love that they have the same actors and are able to show flash backs of them as kids. I loved it so much. Netflix has the first 2 season available to binge!!


My sister got married: This was months of preparing but the day finally came (a bit adjusted, of course). It was beautiful and nice and I’m glad its over lol. Being maid of honor is hard work.

This was her sweetheart table

Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life: Season 2 Renewal: I nearly died when I was on tiktok just to see someone post an article saying that season 2 was confirmed. I quickly dove into the internet and there are many articles claiming it’s for sure coming back for a season 2 which was supposed to be released for November 2020 but due to the pandemic is now unknown for a release date. Either way I am beyond excited because this is my favorite series of all times. I re-watch it over and over and I’m equally as obsessed as the first time around so to say I can’t wait is a major understatement lol. I was singing the intro song for days after I found out (hahaha).

Going out to dinner for the first time: Covid really changed up and uprooted all our lives and it’s safe to say that we’re all adjusting a bit. I was able to go out and outdoor-dine for the first time since this whole thing really started. We went to our favorite greek restaurant and it was so cute and delicious. It was nice to finally go out and have dinner (even if it was outside).


I’m happy we’re back and I’m thankful we had August to recharge and rest up to bring you the best content.

Stay tuned!

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