Mini Bedroom Makeover

In the past few months with being at home more, I realized that my bedroom could use a little bit of freshening up. I didn’t want to go too crazy, but being a homebody, my space needs to make me feel happy and it was just not doing that for me anymore. Over the past few months I’ve been de-cluttering and really trying to have less stuff.

Bedroom before:

Also, don’t judge the before photos. My room was a bit of a mess haha It’s typically not like that.

Once I had my mind set on redoing my room, I had slowly started taking things off of the walls over the course of a few weeks, which is why it’s looking extra bare in the photos.

The vision I was going for:

If only you knew the amount of times my mind had changed on what exactly I wanted to do with my room. I had my mind set on painting my tv stand and possibly my dresser, white. The more I thought about it, the more of a waste of money it was going to be kept popping into my head. When I do eventually move out, I don’t plan on bringing my tv stand because I definitely would want a better quality one, and I am still unsure about my dresser. I decided I just needed to work around with what was already in my room.

My plans were to keep all of the dark furniture, keep my blue lamp, but get a lighter lampshade, change out everything for the wall, get a new curtain for the closet, and then incorporate more rattan/woven items into the room. I also wanted to re-add plants back into my room. Throughout the summer my blinds have been kept shut to keep the heat out of my room, and I had moved all of by succulents to the living room in my house. I just wanted pops of blue accents to still remain in the room, and I was essentially going for a boho modern type style for the bedroom.

And the after:

Links below for what I could find:

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend!

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