The Gingered Peach, Milk + Cookies, and Liberty State Park

Happy Tuesday! This past Saturday my sister and I decided to have a little sister bonding day since we never seem to be free at the same time. I was trying to figure out what we could do and I originally wanted to go to Cape May, but I did not want to take that two hour drive. That morning I decided to see if there was anything to do in the Princeton area, and since we love sweets, I found some bakeries and little shops that we could go to.

We left the house about noon, but I had to stop at Hobby Lobby first, because I was trying to find a vase and wanted to see what Fall things they had out. That visit was a bust, so we then headed to our next stop of The Gingered Peach. The bakery is located in Lawrence Township.

There was a little bit of a wait once we arrived, but the line kept moving. There were too many options to choose from, but some pastries we went with were the cinnamon bun, guava and cheese danish, crumb cake, oatmeal raisin cookie, and chocolate chip cookie.

And for cupcakes, we went with carrot, Oreo, funfetti, and vanilla.

Once we finished up at The Gingered Peach, we headed towards Palmer Square, downtown Princeton. Along the way we past by some beautiful houses, and even saw the Governors Residence. After parking, we came across this cute little home shop, Miya Table & Home. Walking inside just made me excited for the day when I can start buying kitchen items for my future home. I ended up buying this little pug bowl to give to C.’s mom.

We continued walking around, and then we tried to find the Milk & Cookies shop. That was on my list of places to stop at. We went with four cookies (confetti, chocolate chip, chocolate chunk, and snickerdoodle), but once I was leaving, I realized they had more options than what was on the counter in front of me. The next time I go, I’ll try a few others.

Another place I had been wanting to try was ice cream from The Bent Spoon. We then walked across the street to this little park, to try the cookies and for me to try the ice cream. I wasn’t that much of a fan of the actual ice cream, but you can tell that it was definitely homemade. The confetti cookie we tried was delicious.

Once we finished up in Princeton, we made a few stops on the way home to look for flowers. Trying to get flowers was a process because the ones at Trader Joe’s were not looking right, and I was determined to get C.’s mom flowers for her birthday. Eventually I found some flowers, and once I was home, it was time to test out all of the baked goods. They were delicious, the one thing I was not a fan of were the cupcakes, at lease the ones that I tried, due to the fact that I’m use to sweet cupcakes, and these were not.

We then had a quick dinner, and then left for Liberty State Park. It is one of my favorite parks, and I didn’t realize that it had been over a year since I had last went.

The park was PACKED! It was the busiest that I had ever seen it and it took a few laps of driving around before I could find a parking spot. The view is just stunning and I could never get tired of it. My sister and I walked around a bit with Knox, before we laid out a blanket and just chilled to take in the scenery.

We were able to watch the sunset, people watch, and also saw a couple get engaged. It did eventually get chilly out so next time I will definitely be bringing a blanket to cover myself with. The day couldn’t have gone any better, and I look forward to more days like this.

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