Fall Bedroom Makeover

I am so so hype fall is finally days away and since this is my favorite time of year, I just had to redo my room to match my mood. It’s nothing but fall vibes and pumpkins in my soul during this time of year so my bedroom should match. The before pictures are definitely a hot mess but we’re all about honesty here lol. You can find out where I got all my fall decor under each photo and I hope this encourages you guys to transform your homes and get in the spirit~

P.S. I hope you guys aren’t getting tired of space makeover’s but just in case you are, this is the last one! lol Also, I tried my best to find the items to link them but unfortunately a lot of things I got from marshalls and that’s not always online.

The Before:

The After:

As you can see I love a lot of pillows on my bed, they’re perfect for movie nights in bed when you can cuddle up with a cup of tea and just relax and watch your favorite fall movies.

Comforter: Marshalls
Morning pumpkin pillow: Michael’s
Fall throw blanket: Marshall’s/T.J.Maxx ( I couldn’t find the same one but here is a similar one with a fringe)

This little corner hold a lot of random stuff but on top I always keep a photo of me and my bf and a nice candle. The lantern is a cute addition and when its lit up it adds the perfect fall ambiance.

Mini Lantern: Target
Fall decor sign: Michael’s
Candle: It was already there but just in case you wanted to know it’s from Marshalls

I’m super super happy with how my book shelf turned out! The shelf I bought was longer and wider than I needed but my dad was able to cut it down to the perfect size and my books look so perfect up there!! Granted, I do need a step to reach but its so cute up there!

Sign: Michael’s
Fall mini sign: Michael’s
Mason Jar: Walmart
Twinkle Lights: Amazon
Sunflowers: Michael’s
Shelf: Lowe’s
Pumpkin: Marhsall’s

Fall Runner: Honestly, no idea lol. My mom gave it to me
Candle: Marshall’s
Pumpkins: Dollar Tree
Wooden dish: Michael’s
Welcome Sign: Michael’s

I am beyond happy with how my room turned out. Even though it wasn’t a major change, it was still enough to make me excited and turn my fall mood on. I hope this brought you guys a little bit of happiness and put you in the spirit.

Have you guys changed your rooms/houses into fall vibes yet? Let me know in the comments!

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