DIY Fall Potpourri

For the past few weeks I had been dying to make a fall potpourri. I hadn’t done one in a few years, and thought it was time to give it a go again. Last time the whole house filled up with hints of citrus, and of cinnamon/cloves. A few days ago I picked up a few items that I didn’t have in my kitchen. I will say from previous experience that if you’re making it, make sure your windows aren’t open so the smell doesn’t seep right out, unless you’re in a smaller space then it might not matter.

All I did was throw in some cut up orange peels + slices (2 oranges), whole cloves (probably about 10), cinnamon sticks (2-3), vanilla extract (tablespoon), and ground nutmeg (few dashes).

Then filled up my 2 1/2 quart pot halfway with water.

I let everything bubble first, and then let it simmer for hours to smell up the whole house.

I didn’t measure anything out and just played it by ear. I did an estimate of what I used earlier. I think making potpourri is simple and foolproof and you’ll eventually figure out what you like along the way when you try making one for yourself.

What do you put in your potpourri and what should I try in my next one?

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