Leaf Peeping Through New England

This past weekend I was finally able to see the Fall foliage in the New England area. Going during the Fall time has been on my bucket list for years, and I’m so happy that it finally happened. C and I decided to make a weekend trip of it and we even decided to bring Knox along for the adventure. Let’s just say, it will be AWHILE before we ever take him on another trip again haha

This time around we stayed in Pittsfield. It was difficult finding a hotel that allowed dogs and one that we felt was reasonably priced. Before we got to the hotel, we stopped at our favorite place… The Bistro Box. We are long time lovers of this place, and if you’re ever in the Great Barrington area, please do yourself a favor and check it out. There’s always a line, but it is so worth the wait. I went with my usual steak ‘n cheese and C. also tried it out for the first time. We of course got the parmesan fries as well. Once we finished up with lunch, we decided to finally try their ice cream that is from Maple Valley Creamery.

This is an older photo from when we first went in July

After spending a bit of time at Bistro Box, we headed to the hotel and took in all of the scenery on the way. Once arriving at the hotel, Knox was losing his mind in the room running around. He was so out of his element and I could tell he was uncomfortable at times. He was very alert on any noise that he would hear, and since he’s a barker, it was a struggle at times to get him to stop. Trying to get him to sleep at night was also a mess. He kept waking C. up and trying to sleep on his legs are just wanted to be near him at all times.

The next day I tried to convince C. to drive to Vermont, but he wouldn’t budge so we tried to make a game plan on what to do around the area. Our first stop was Bartlett’s Apple Orchard and Farm Market. We weren’t able to go inside, so we ended up looking online to see what they had, and then our order was brought out to us. I went with apple cider donuts, apple strudel, Massachusetts’s maple syrup, chocolate chunk and oatmeal raisin cookie, apple turnover, and a cinnamon bun. C and I tried an apple cider donut and cinnamon bun in the car, and oh man was it delicious.

We ended up stopping on the side of the road so I could get more photos. He wouldn’t give in on the drive up, but after telling him a few times how he should have stopped, anytime I mentioned how pretty the trees looked, he would stop hahaha

Next stop was Chocolate Springs Cafe since I wanted to get some homemade chocolate to bring back with me. I had picked out a few different types of chocolate, but C. and I went with the milk chocolate truffle and little square bars to try in the car. The chocolate was creamy and just melted in your mouth.

We made a few more stops, and then stopped off at Bistro Box again so Knox could run around. We tried looking up places for us to have lunch, but some of the places I found weren’t open yet, and the ones that were open, had mixed reviews, so we settled on getting Bistro box again. This time we tried different items then what we normally get so we tried the chicken quesadilla to share, while I got the roadside burger, and C. got the Box burger.

After eating we had some stores we wanted to check out in Great Barrington so we drove down the street and did that. I really wanted a Berkshires sweatshirt, but the one store that was selling them was ripping people off with their prices. When we were driving up to the Great Barrington area, there was a little picturesque spot (Fountain Pond State Park) so we decided to stop their before we headed home. C. and I decided that going up during the Fall time will be a yearly thing.

Have any of you gone on a Fall foliage drive yet?

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