Arianna’s October: Movie Nights, Apple Cider Donuts, and Birthday Celebrations

For today’s post I thought it should be everything that I’ve done throughout this month.

During the start of October, my sister and I had a Halloween movie night with C. We decorated the den with bats, hung up pumpkin garlands, orange and purple lights, and had desserts set up on a table. We started off with The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I personally didn’t find it very Halloweeney, so we then switched to Halloweentown. I couldn’t remember if I had every fully watched it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

On October 13th we celebrated Knox turning TWO!! I also cannot believe that I’ve had him for nearly two years already. He’s been through so much in his little short two years of life. I was determined for him to have a little doggy photoshoot, because I promised to continue the tradition that I had started with Snuggles for whenever I had gotten another dog. Knox’s theme for his birthday was soccer. If I could tell you the amount of times my sister and I kept changing up the theme for his photos, but we went with the more cost effective option. He already had a New York Red Bulls jersey so we played off of that with the colors and everything. Knox’s birthday was filled with extra treats, like a Target run, French fries, a HomeGoods trip, and picking up a pupcake for him.

The weekend following his birthday was our Berkshires trip. I have fallen in love with the Berkshires after having gone up there three times now in four months. I love the slower pace, and just the country living lifestyle. I’m obsessed with the fresh air, mountains, and just all of the open space. I already miss the apple cider donuts. They were some of the best that I’ve ever had, and they weren’t too big either. I wish I had gotten more than 6. If you want a more detailed post about the trip, click here.

Throughout the month, there were many movie nights. Some were Halloween related and some were not. We re-watched part of Halloweentown and watched Halloweentown II.

The Friday before my mom’s birthday, my sister and I, along with C. had to pick up some last minute things for her, and we also wanted to look at the Christmas ornaments from Hobby Lobby. We’ve already decided on this years theme, and we’re going with red and white. We already have some ornaments with both colors, but felt we needed a bit more. I went with these below…

My mom’s birthday was October 25th so my sister and I decided to decorate the dining area for her. We had a birthday banner strung across the china cabinet, honeycomb balls hanging from the chandelier, tassel garland hanging on cabinets, and below that was plates and napkins that went with the pastel pink, pastel green, gold, and white color scheme.

My mom didn’t want to do much, but I knew that I didn’t want her stuck inside all day for her birthday. Our first stop was Delicious Orchards.

This is an older photo, pre covid

She picked out some baked goods, and other items that she wanted. On the way out I saw a little smoothie bar, so we each got ourselves a smoothie. My smoothie had pineapple, mango, and orange juice in it. I was trying to convince my sister and my mom to try an apple fritter with me, but neither would budge. Once we finished up, we headed to Michael’s to get some cardstock and check out their Christmas items. We have bats currently hanging in our entryway, and my mom wanted something else that can fill it’s spot so we’ve decided on snowflakes.

What are some things that you did throughout the month of October or what do you have planned for Halloween?

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